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Do you have your stock in the right place?

Are you responsible for inventory management at your store(s)? Do you frequently have to say “no” to your customers?

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No future for inventory management in Excel

Two thirds of companies consider Excel a supply chain management system. We give you three reasons why we think replenishment in Excel has no future.

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Team meeting Kiev

We just had a great team meeting in Kiev this week. Working on great plans and projects for Q3 and Q4. Curious about our new plans and projects? Follow us on LinkedIn and stay updated.

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Out of stock

Higher inventories, improve forecast accuracy, increase shipment frequency; all attempts to ensure sell out on store level. Zero stock on an active article means high chance on lost sales and the lost sales are even higher in case the

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Taking the right measure

When people are looking for the latest trend in fashion, one specific item can catch the eye easily: "I like this one, I would like to try this on". Now the moment of truth arises; "Will this nice shirt also be available in my size?"

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Isn't it obvious Eliyahu M. Goldratt

This article is based on Eliyahu Goldratt's book Isn't It Obvious. Together with Ilan Eshkoli and Joe Brownleer, Goldratt explains how his Theory of Constraints (TOC) can be implemented in a retail supply chain.

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Lingerie Market on the Verge of Another Disruption

Read all about one of the most technical products in fashion: lingerie!